The One Minute Manager – Book Review

A simple, easy to understand and effective book for Management. Let's review this super enjoyable book.

Skullcandy Riff Wireless – An Audiophile’s review

★★ Company: Skullcandy Inc.Headquarters location: Park City, Utah, United StatesFounder: Rick AldenFounded: 2003, Park City, Utah, United States Skullcandy in the India's Audio market:Skullcandy is a well known name in the Indian Audio market. They sell from low-end to premium (looking) headphones and earphones. Over the years, Skullcandy has garnered many fans across the country. According to Statista, Skullcandy… Continue reading Skullcandy Riff Wireless – An Audiophile’s review

पाप की परिभाषा

आज के कलियुग में जहाँपाप-व्यभिचार सदा-सद पलता हैइस शहर-उस शहर, हर नगर, हर देश सेहंसते-मुस्कराते, हाथ हिलाते, सिर उठा निकलता है।राह चलते हुए राहगीरों को वह पकड़ता हैहर किसी के मन को वह अंततः जकड़ता हैऔर गलत राह पर ले जा कर वह अकड़ता है(जो मन मे एक बार पाप को बसा लेता है तो… Continue reading पाप की परिभाषा

Prey by Michael Crichton – A Book Review

“They didn't understand what they were doing.I'm afraid that will be on the tombstone of the human race.” Introduction:GENRE: Science FictionAUTHOR: Michael CrichtonPAGES: 507YEAR OF PUBLISH: 2002 For those of you who are not very familiar with the genre and are wondering from where have you heard the name of Crichton, I have only two words… Continue reading Prey by Michael Crichton – A Book Review

The Cloud’s Flight

‘Pittar-pattar’ the rain drops fall,From the clouds, its journey small,towards the earth, smelling fresh.It falls on the moor beyond that lifeless streamwhere darker shadows loom in moonlight beams. The drops form the pond,Smaller, bigger; growing in bondFalling in pit with each other,Unity’s armour they donned.Dark clouds gather above, they grow in size,After joining one another,… Continue reading The Cloud’s Flight

The Porn Market

Since the rise of the internet in the early 2000's, India has climbed onto the top of the list as the country having the 3rd largest consumption of Porn in the 2020, gaining rank as opposed to last year when it was the 4th largest consumer of porn (Source). It was no doubt that the… Continue reading The Porn Market

My Poem ‘What is Life?’ published on Storymirror, ranked #3 in its category and #14 in their entire English poetry database.

Poem published on Storymirror and ranked #3 in its category and #14 in entire English poetry from among thousands and thousands of poems. Check it out from below.

What is Life?, by Shubhanshu Shrivastava — POETRY FESTIVAL. My poetry published in Poetryfest. Poetry websites

( Life is a dream when you think about it, A gleam of colors, a vision of grey, With a few moments that smell sweet and nice, With the occasional taste of bad decay. Life is a journey as many say, A tunnel filled with twists and turns, And the empty caverns that come through […]#PublishaBook… Continue reading What is Life?, by Shubhanshu Shrivastava — POETRY FESTIVAL. My poetry published in Poetryfest. Poetry websites

The One Minute Manager – A Book Review

Will this be fit for your organization? Is this simple and sound technique for management in your company?
Check it out.

Shubhanshu's Literary Expeditions

“We are not Just our Behaviour. We are the person managing our Behaviour”

GENRE: Business
AUTHOR: Kenneth Blanchard, Ph. D. and Spencer Johnson, M.D.

More often than not we experience dissatisfaction in our workplace. We observe the same phenomenon happening with a lot of people around us – our colleagues, friends, relatives. Mostly they are frustrated with their manager while some are managers who are frustrated with their subordinates. This is the most common complaint that we hear from people and may experience ourselves in an organization. But What is the reason behind this? Is there no way out? If yes, then what? Can productivity be increased? If yes, then how? Is there a way for us or the people we are managing to enjoy the work along with the increase in productivity? What is the answer to these questions?

This book is…

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